Tuesday, April 14, 2015


We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I felt good.  After a few rough stomach days, it settled down.  My pain doctor adjusted my pain pump to a point where I have days that I don't use my bolus injections (the continuos amount of drug is enough).  They put me on steroids which has given me a burst of energy and a crazy appetite.  Sometimes I really feel good.

Easter is a reminder of all that I hope for for myself.  That some day I will be healed and some day I will be whole.  Some day I won't have any metal or plastic inside of me.  Some day my heart will be free of fear and my mind free of anxieties.  

I am not praying that this happens soon, but I am so glad I truly believe in a beautiful afterlife.  

I will try and keep the blog updated with medical changes, but right now maybe not much more than that.  I am working on some other computer projects for my kids and I am not loving time in front of a screen.