Monday, March 25, 2013

same old story

I wish I had more to report.  I tried asked the nurses to give me the PET scan results today, and they said they don't like to do that over the phone, can I come in on Thursday to see the doctor?  Yes, but I am so very nervous, as I do feel a new lump.  Well then...I can tell you it's not in the bones...and it doesn't look like there is something new there...

I do qualify to be screened for this cold virus trial done here in Utah (they decided they would only count the Temodar as an offical chemotherapy).  The next thing would be making sure my blood has what they want, which will take a couple of weeks to find out. 

I will look a little closer into the trial in Florida tomorrow.  It is a randomized trial (I've hated that experience in the past).  One arm gets the drug I want (anti-pd1), and the other standard chemotherapy.  It may very well be worth a shot right now. 

But this is all so boring.  Take home message here is that everything is still up in the air, and it is going to take a while to qualify for a trial, so I better practice some patience.  


  1. We're all trying to practice patience, but you are better at it than we are.

  2. This might be one of the toughest parts of this whole cancer experience if it was me...the not knowing...all the waiting...the patience required. I'm praying for you guys. Something right will reveal itself, I'm sure.

    I'm so happy that you found a house you love. I want to come and see it!

  3. Hmph! Thursday. At least she have you some good news!! Hang in there. Spring break is almost here!!

  4. I think you are teaching us about patience. You are always kind and strong. Your patience reminds us to be better. Prayers for good answers and patience in finding those answers.

  5. That is good that there is nothing new--he probably just wants to talk about all the options--there are so many things to hash out. Maybe the house stuff will help you keep your mind off it?