Monday, August 19, 2013

easy decision

I talked to the doctor Friday night (I was out of phone and internet range last week).  He said he was surprised with what his radiologists concluded: when the numbers were crunched they estimated a 9% growth, which is within the bounds of what they call 'stable disease' and allows me to continue on the trial.  Today they set me up with appointment to start up again on Wednesday.  

The doctor has seen two patients respond late (after the first 12 weeks), and would hope I could join that club. Two is not super encouraging to me, but hey!

The only trick is this tumor in my armpit.  It needs to be taken care of (growing, and fast).  You can't do surgery or radiation while you are on the trial.  So the plan is get as much of the trial drug as possible, and as soon as I the tumor has to be dealt with, come back to Utah and get it surgically removed (it may be too entangled for that at this point) or radiate it.  I'm sure at that point we would look at doing something systemic as well (IPI again, for example). 

I read through my scan reports last night.  The on my adrenal gland is gone (this would have helped my percentages, although it was under a cm).  There is one near the kidney that has shrunk a little (about 2 cm so that may be pretty significant).  It is probably that tumor that was causing me pain before I started the trial.  There is one that has grown right next to it that is invading the right kidney.

Two of the new tumors have grown a little.  One near the aorta in the abdomen, one right pectoral lymph node.

I am fine with going back, just a little bummed that I flew out there for nothing last time.  And now I have to miss Sam and Luke coming home on their first day of school (mom candy).  And I thought of all the time and money I would have if I was done traveling, and it was sounding really fantastic. 

But of course, then I would still have cancer, with less options.  Not my favorite. 

p.s.  Things are getting interesting around here...I sent James off the his first day of Junior High today.  Funnest thing I've done in a long time.


  1. Junior High! How did that happen? It seems like he was quoting Thomas the Train just yesterday! I loved your phrase "mom candy. " You're very good at noticing those moments, Alisa. Glad you're still on the trial and I pray you'll make that number 3 on the late responder list!

  2. I love this post! The picture of your son is the best! Junior High?! Oh, bless his heart! Your whole demeanor and spirits seem higher and uplifted (back to usual Alisa) which thrills me to tears :). You're an amazing woman! Keep fighting (like I need to tell you that ;).). Love you!

  3. "Mom candy." Isn't that the truth. They grow up so fast!
    You continue to be in our pleadings with the Lord.

  4. Love this post Alisa. Glad it was an easy decision, our prayers continue always!

  5. Thanks for keeping us posted. I will continue praying. And that junior high boy looks awesome! I love it!