Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a toast

So far summer has been a huge success. There always seems to be a little difficulty in the transition to being home all together, all day. Although I like to think we have a pretty harmonious house, the oldest (10) has lately found it his job to make an argument over anything. Usually I'm up for the challenge. My logic against his. Game on.

But one afternoon it was wearing on me, as he fought with his brothers.

"James. (Insert lecture here). If you keep acting like this, this is going to be a loooong summer."

Glaring at me with defiant eyes, "Well I want this summer to last forever."

Game over. He wins.

Summer forever! What a fun idea!

So here's to a day on the lake, and a night in a tent. To the ice cream truck's song, and the cricket's lullaby. To the mountains smothered in wild flowers, and a baby's face covered in popsicle slime. To a hot afternoon, and a cold drink. To a game on the tramp, and at the ball park. To a picnic lunch, and an evening barbeque. To a long road trip, and a short nap.

Here's to all good things of summer! And to many, many more.


  1. Hey, we should have a day on the lake together. Maybe with Jet Skis? What do you say to that?

  2. Here here! (okay, maybe minus the chemo, I'm all for eternal summer)

  3. He's so tricky, that one! He needs to be a lawyer. I can't believe I've neglected your blog the way I have. SHAME SHAME DOUBLE SHAME! I love you bushels.

  4. Jill-I say yes to that! Sonja-true, this may not be the best summer for you to be thinking about eternity. Jennie-thanks for the 7 emails today. I think you introduced me to the real meaning of summer btw.

  5. I know what your saying girl friend I not sure what to do at my house with every one home and I just want to run away some day with out all the kids. 22, 19, 10, 4 & 7 mo oh and did I say the 32 yr old when 3/4does not speak English and does not want to it makes it hard. But at this point send some 8,9,10, 11 yr old kids over any time on Mon, Fri or Sat I would love it and most of all maybe the 10 yr old would be happy and have some fun the 4 yr old is always happy and happy to play with any one

  6. I hope you're planning a long(ish) road trip up this way later in the summer.