Thursday, June 2, 2011

about that prayer....

Bargaining is such a fascinating part of the grieving process. Four years ago I pleaded, Please Heavenly Father, I just need to get Luke to school. I won't complain, I won't expect any more. I just need them to be independent enough so that Josh can take care of them on his own.

It sounded like a good thing at the time.

Today felt a lot like the first day of kindergarten. Witnessing an answered prayer. Full of emotions. Full of gratitude.

So, let me set this video up. Luke loves a good joke. Especially if it's his. I see a little of my Grandpa Johnson in him when he throws his head back to laugh at his own witticisms. These last few weeks I have been trying to get out of him what songs he was singing for Kindergarten graduation program. He would not tell.

Josh recently went to Minneapolis and Luke asked me "Is he going to see the Lakes of Minnesota?"
"Oh! That's it! You are singing Proud to be an American!"
"No. Not that one."
A couple weeks ago Josh and I went to San Antonio and Luke asked, "Are you going to cross the plains of Texas?"
"See! That's one of your songs for sure!"
"No mom. Really."
So I started bugging him by breaking out into the chorus changing some of the words. He would insist he heard it somewhere and I was getting it wrong. Last night as I was putting him to bed, he couldn't take my version anymore and sang me the whole song, loud and beautiful. I have never been more proud to be an American.
"But how did you learn that song Luke?"
"Oh, Sam taught me."
"Because I was thinking that would be such a good choice for your graduation. Wouldn't that be the perfect song?"
"It would be. Too bad it's not."
"Don't you think a hundred kindergarteners singing that song would be just what a graduation needs?"
"Yes, but they won't sing it. I don't know why. It would have been awesome."

He kept a straight face, but there was mischief around the mouth.

Well, here it is. I am too busy putting on my best "you got me!" face to keep the camera still. Every time he thinks of the great trick he pulled off he catches my eye and smiles.

I've cut out the middle, but the whole thing was adorable (even cuter in the higher resolution you can adjust on the screen).

And because July is right around the corner, I am finding myself in negotiations again.

And Dear Heavenly Father,

Have I got a deal for You....


  1. He got you bad Alisa. I love the mischief around his mouth as the singing begins. So cute! It really does make me proud to be an American.

    I can't wait to hear the deal you have for Heavenly Father this time. I'm sure it's a good one. I hope he'll take it.

  2. Such a good post, Alisa. Luke is so cute.

  3. What a cutie...bargain away!

  4. Loved it. Next deal-high school graduation.

  5. Ask big this time, Alisa. Love the video.

  6. Great singing from Luke. And I agree with Jon-ask big this time.

  7. I hope you do a Huge deal this time. You do good with your deals to the Lord and after all you need a huge deal this time. We Love you and all your posting. Your the best shoot high

  8. THAT BOY!!!! I love the last little bit--he is the sweetest thing ever. I know where he got it from (the mischief and all ;-))

  9. Love it! I must admit that I always thought you were shooting a little low with that bargain. This time, though. . .

  10. Love this post, love the movie.

  11. "If this is flag waving - flag waving - do you know of a better flag to wave?"
    Now can you name that song and musical? I think Aunt Janice could for sure.

  12. Love this Alisa. His face is priceless at the end.

  13. Kate had no intention of keeping any songs a secret. She belted out "I'm proud to be an American" - exaggerated vibrato and everything - on a daily basis. It made me smile everyday, but during the big reveal, I totally started crying. Loved it!

  14. We LOVE Luke! What a great post.

  15. It's that smile at the end that kills me! Oh my gosh, he's so cute. I totally think you're due for a renegotiation.