Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"You have cancer." And just like that you are drafted into a conflict you would never sign up for. Women and children and old men, everyone is eligible.

In the trenches we suddenly find ourselves. The cancer hospital. Waiting for a blood draw on a bench with worn-out people in same boat. Everyone has a story in their eyes.

We are a brave bunch. Even if it's because we have to be, we are.

We go into treatments the picture of health. Come out disfigured and close to death.

Everyone wants to help, the army of support, but we are the ones who have to stand up and take the blows. Dr.s give us their best weapons and we hope they work.

Then enemy is terrible. Win or loose, we fight hard. For the worthy cause of more time on this beautiful earth. For every happiness we have experienced. For everything we haven't done yet. We fight for the things we love. For the people we love.

Right now on the front lines stands my nephew, Steven. Monday the pathology report from his tumor came back. It was good news! 91% of the tumor had responded to the chemo. The amputation surgery that was just performed should take care of the rest of the tumor. Now Steven has 20 more weeks (instead of the 30 that he would have had with less of a response) of chemo left to get rid of any remaining cells in the body. His prognosis is significantly higher, as we know the chemo is working. I know that he isn't out of the water yet, and there is going to be a long recovery, and many more hospital visits. But I feel like we just won a small battle in a big fight. Go Steven!


  1. I love, love, love your writing! You have such a strong voice and your thoughts on cancer are so real and inspiring. You often put into words my exact thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing your life.

  2. I am glad he is doing well and that you are doing well and so strong. I wish you never had it and the same for Steven but the Lord gave you something that he new you could handle because I know I could not do all you do and all you have done I would give up and say just take me away

  3. I think you've been given your talent of writing to share these struggles and stories of all the brave people fighting this evil disease. I think that's your road (referring to previous post). You're awesome and so inspirational. Thank you for sharing and for your friendship.

  4. This really is SO happy! I like good news. Beautiful post Alisa. Love the insight.

  5. You and the Blodgetts both deserve medals for bravery. Love this post.

  6. Yyour words are in living color. Do you have plans for any novels? I'd pre-order any you write. I love you.
    Aunt Kathy

  7. I love this! And I love victory!