Sunday, September 11, 2011

i will never forget

One decade ago I was in a dental chair getting a root canal, listening to the radio as the twin towers fell. Confused, shocked, horrified, and really very sad, I went home to my 6 month old. I wanted to hold him forever. I wondered what kind of world I had brought him into.

But stories of heroism and patriotism started coming out. And the country softened. And we turned to God, and to our neighbors. And we were unified.

And the more I learned, the more I felt, the more I knew what kind of world this baby came into. One with fear and hatred, yes. But also one with hope and love, beauty and kindness.

One I couldn't wait to show him.


  1. that was the exact feeling I had. Austin was only 13 days old and I couldn't believe that we had just had a baby with a world full of craziness going on... but it all has worked out, and I am sooo glad that he was born when he was.

  2. Did you see the broadcasts on Sunday? Incredible!! One would think we live in a Godless nation at times, but when you hear what was said on the Day of Remembering, it renews my faith that we live with a whole lot of wonderful believers.

  3. That's another great one Alisa. You're a good writer.