Monday, December 5, 2011

give thanks

Yes, yes. A lack of posts. But not of thoughts. Or of events, really. Nothing big or deep, just beautiful every day things going on around here.

I started a post on Thanksgiving, which turned into something complicated and is going to require some time to finish.

But I want to make it known that I was so grateful last week. Like I had never been before. I had to keep forgiving myself every time I remembered that I have been a spoiled brat all my life. Spoiled in every way: health, love, family, money (not too much there, but there has always been something in the bank). It's not the fact that I've been blessed with so much that makes me sick (naturally), it's just that I didn't realize how good it all was. That is the brat part.

Well, I continue to be spoiled. I have an abundance of all I could ask for. But I refuse to be a brat. I know how good I have it. I appreciate it differently now. And that makes everything so much better.

I was very grateful to be grateful. Does that make any sense?

1 comment:

  1. It's makes total sense, the whole post makes sense.

    I'm grateful for you Alisa. Love you.