Tuesday, December 6, 2011

heaven help us

Steven had a fall last week and broke his leg. His surgeon looked at it this morning and decided they needed surgery in order to fix the bone correctly. And so, Steven was admitted to the hospital again and had his femur bent back into shape, his screws and plates taken out, and a cast wrapped again around the already beat up leg. This will mean 8 weeks in cast, and very little physical therapy. The physical therapy that they have been working on so hard to get him walking again. Such a set back. Just when he was feeling good and happily jumping back to his old routine. Can the kid just catch a break? I would throw him mine if I could.

Today I find myself uttering the same prayer I wrote at the beginning of this blog: Heaven help us through this year. And the next.

1 comment:

  1. I believe there will come great good in this setback. It is just a setback. Steve will walk again some day. It may be that the angle of that bone needed to be changed in order for him to balance on it and get going. We will see the Lord's hand again, I just know it.