Sunday, July 8, 2012

an interesting night last night

We had the chance to go to my my nephew's Make a Wish Party.  Remember we were worried he would choose Yellowstone?  He made the best decision and chose Hawaii!  Make a Wish is a pretty neat organization.  I would encourage you to donate whenever you get the chance (sometimes the grocery stores will ask for a buck or something at check-out).  I think the whole experience, from deciding on a wish, the anticipation of the trip, the trip itself, to the happy memories he has forever were just what Steven and other childhood cancer fighters need.

Steven has been a great example to me.  He has been so stinking tough.  He has moved past cancer and is full speed ahead.  He does not let his amputation get in his way of anything.  I am so proud of him!

Unfortunately, we had to leave early because I was hurting.  I was paying for the few bites of pizza that I just couldn't resist because remember, I'm starving.  Bummer.

It is a good thing we came home.

We walked in the door and received the usual over-the-top greeting from Ginger.  We took her to run a couple errands with us, and got home in time to do a few things in the yard.  Ginger was at our heels the whole time.  We came in when it got dark.  Ginger acted like she was going to throw up, so we sent her outside.  A while later (maybe half an hour?) Josh called for her, but she wouldn't come.  I was stepping into the bath when Josh found her, brought her in and said, "Does she look normal?"  Her chest was doubled in size, she frothy at the mouth, and had painful look in her eye.  Josh touched her belly and she whimpered.

I remembered reading about a stomach complication with large, deep-chested dogs.  I read poodles were susceptible to the stomach turning and trapping air (GVD, or bloat).  He was looking numbers up on the computer, I told him this is an emergency, she needs an ambulance, and he was the ambulance, so please go now.  He was talking to the vet hospital on their way out and they were looking for the closest 24 care for us, because if it was a stomach issue, time was a concern.

I don't know if the steroids have started giving me mood swings or what, but as they drove off I lost it in the bathtub. 

It was there that I offered the sincerest prayer of my life.  Over that dumb dog!

Heavenly Father, please don't take our dog!  This family needs Ginger.  I am counting on her if something happens to me.  She has been a special furry glue for our little family through the last few years.  She is our common ground.  She is our only therapist.  She is Josh's little shadow and Sam's little sister.  She is my big girl. 

Love is what makes you happy (This is the biggest truth I've learned).  She is literally a huge source of happiness for us because we all love her so very much.

Josh texted from the vet hospital.  The Dr. said if we don't do something she will die.

We can't afford to lose her now. Are you kidding?  We can't deal with any more loss in the family.  We lost our cat a few months ago (I will have to find that post and publish it).  It was so hard on us.

We had no choice but to let them do the operation to turn her stomach around and staple it to the chest wall so it hopefully doesn't happen again.

After the bath, my tears and eye-wiping had produced a mess of mascara on my face.  Through my tears, and without my contacts, I searched for the make-up remover pads.  They weren't in the normal place, so I searched everywhere, and I was happy to finally find them in a separate cupboard further away.  I rubbed my eyes and surrounding areas, and felt an immediate sting.  Or are these my make-up remover pads?  On closer inspection, they turned out to be hemmorhoidal pads!!! 

Poison control got a call from some weird lady with some pretty crazy excuses for making ridiculous decisions.  Oh, the humiliation! And to think of the all real poisons that I have put up with.

For the record, it did remove the make up.

I keep giggling about it today.  And Ginger may be home tomorrow, so all is well.   The steroids are for sure starting to do their job.  I ate dinner tonight!  It might have only been a peanut butter sandwich, but I was the happiest person on earth.  Food!!

I am grateful today for answered prayers.  And that witch hazel does not cause blindness. ;)


  1. Wow. You guys are tough. You've weathered so many storms. I'm glad to hear that Ginger will be home soon. We have a cute little orphaned kitten at our house if you want another cat to love. We'd keep the cat but Emily is allergic to them. However, Brooke may have to come and live with you as well. Yesterday she told me, " Mom, if the cat goes, I go."

  2. Oh dear... Alisa, I have tried leaving two comments, but my lack of blogger/google account has erased both. It's Laura - your kindred from buffalo.
    Cannot BELIEVE about Ginger. So glad she is okay.
    And Here's To PEANUT BUTTER and (benign) WITCH HAZEL!!

  3. P.S. Your email this morning made me smile. I will be writing back as soon as I can later today...

  4. Ginger! That poor thing! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that on top of everything else.

  5. Oh my goodness. Enough drama already, huh!?! We have never cried over a dog until this post. Hugs to all of you. Glad you are able to eat. Hang in there! MD Lintons

  6. I hope Ginger is alright and I'm so glad you got a bite to eat. Maybe that explains why Ginger didn't eat the donut I offered her Saturday morning? Poor doggie!

  7. Ouch!! in Ginger's belly,and in your eyes.

  8. What a roller coaster of emotions that post just put me through!!! Happy years, sad tears, hilarious tears. I called u today. I miss you. Can I be your chauffeur ?

  9. Oh man... did your eyes shrink? ;) So glad that Ginger can be coming home as soon as tomorrow... your little family has been through enough already. The company I work for had a wish maker come in to one of our meetings a couple of months ago. I cried as she told us stories of wishes she had granted. We started donating a certain percentage of each sale to make a wish. We are also hoping that we can be a part of some of the wishes we help grant. Such a fantastic program! Thinking of you always!

  10. Oh my goodness, good thing you left early! How is she? It was good to see you, and your darling family! Many, many prayers being said for you, and Ginger.

  11. I understand that prayer you offered in the tub completely! Remember when we watched "Marley and Me" together on the plane to France? Remember the tears. I couldn't help but think of that while reading this post. Dogs! So glad Ginger is going to be okay, and so glad you're not blind! Keep up the fight Alisa. Love you!

    Cute picture of Steven. I'm so proud of him too!

  12. Oh my Alisa! Not a dull moment! Totally laughed about the "make up" remover. I can imagine it wasn't very funny at that time. Glad Ginger is on the mend. Hoping for a "dull" few days for ya!