Tuesday, February 19, 2013

just checking in

I am sorry I haven't been in the mood to write lately.  It's a shame.  My kids have been absolutely darling lately.  I will have to catch up on them a little later.  I feel great.  I am loving these breaks between treatments.  If it weren't for the nightmares, I think I could forget this cancer thing for a while.  

My appointment with the doctor this month went well .  He said my response to treatments was nothing short of miraculous.  Said he had never seen that many tumors disappear that quickly.  I admit I have never heard of anything quite like it myself.  Now we are hoping and praying the response will last.  I have scans again the 6th of March.  We will then decide what to do with the remaining cancer (hopefully it is just this thing in the axilla). 

Thank you all for your love and concern.  I will keep you posted.


  1. Thanks for the update, so happy for the positive news!

    I don't think I told you.....we took your advice and got a black Ginger. You're right, that is a great breed.

  2. Hi Alisa!

    You probably don't remember me from Sandy....I'm Mari West's mother (your mom & I were RS friends! :)

    I was so sorry to hear about ALL you've been dealing with! Truly, some tests in life are best expressed by Elder Neal A Maxwell's statement: I'll paraphrase: "Some of life's tests are like a REAL HOT fiery furnaces.....so HOT that it's no wonder that nobody is lining up for a 2nd turn in there!"

    I'm sending this link (kanzius.org) to possibly offer you a resource that you might want to check out. It comes HIGHLY recommended by Glenn Beck, (who is a VERY good friend of Jon Huntsman, Sr., and whom Glenn is trying to model his life after).

    Anyway, I'm hoping and praying this organization gives you something (more) to medically hope for.

    Your blog is VERY inspiring!!! Hang in there, Sweetheart!...and give your parents my love!

  3. Wanna call you tomorrow, love!

  4. Hoping those scans stay miraculous. You are amazing. Actually, EPIC. :)

  5. Still thinking of you all the time. We're praying that you rock your scans this week!!