Monday, July 11, 2011

I guess I should have Josh write the blog. All the facts with none of the drama.

Yes they said tomorrow. I had been out of cell phone coverage for most of the day, and right before the office closed I was able to get a bar on the top of a cliff in Colorado and track down the Dr.'s office.

It was the sweet receptionist who told me they were just talking about me, and that the Dr. wanted to call and go over the results with me tomorrow. And he will be in surgery all morning, so we are looking at afternoon. I was so surprised. I am trying not to read into this too much. But could the Dr. possibly want to just say "Everything looks great!"?

Maybe because there is nothing there, we are in no big hurry? Hoping for this. Can we apply the old adage, "no news is good news?"

I am pretty amazed I held up nicely after the let down. I took the boys to Mesa Verde today and we had such a great time exploring old Indian ruins. I was a little nervous to drag them around all day by myself as I am running out of patience with them (just been a bit stressed out). But I didn't even need patience today, they were so good. I had several comments from strangers on how great they acted.

One couple in a curious accent (Australian I thought) approached me and said, "We don't have children where we come from. And I just thought you should know it is great to see such well behaved kids having fun and enjoying life."

"Oh, yes. Where are you from?"



We are staying at Grandmas tonight, where it seems impossible to feel anything but peaceful. She lives at the edge of a small town with a big yard and beautiful garden. I love that her calm, reassuring presence resembles her environment. Maybe I won't go back.


  1. sending all good thoughts your way alisa.

  2. Good luck this afternoon Alisa. I hope the Dr. just wants to share the good news. I would want to if I were him. I love you. Glad you had a good time down in Southern Utah despite the anticipation of this phone call.

  3. We prayed extra hard for you last night. Um, every time I go to Colorado/SoUtah I don't want to come home either. :-) I hope you are enjoying your trip and creating incredible memories. (Did I already comment on how great you looked on Saturday? You really did! I can't believe how much all you sisters look like your cute Mom.)

  4. I like all the extra details and drama. Love the picture of the boys. They are so adorable! Is that Josh in the background with the backpack? Just kidding Josh:)

  5. WOW! You took the boys on a trip by yourself? You are amazing in so many ways. I wish I were with you today on my birthday, and your stressful day. I think I'll get good news for my birthday. I haven't been able to make a birthday wish yet.... sooooooooo, Oh, wait, I can't tell you my wish. I love you more than you'll ever know.

  6. I love Grandma's house. Some of my most vivid and peaceful memories of summer are from there. Live it up.

    Unbelievable about the doc—this can't be helpful for future scanxiety, either. I think I might be getting an ulcer. We're praying for you.

  7. no news is good news because if there was bad news they would had called first thing.
    Hope you have fun on your trip No stressing out your boys are so cute and so good.

    Thanks for the post and the photo

  8. Your boys ARE so well behaved. That is bad news about Arizona, though :).