Friday, July 8, 2011

nothing yet

I caved in and called the Dr.'s office. I was blow drying my hair wondering why it seemed so difficult this morning, when I noticed I was rocking like a crazy person. I tried to stop, but I am crazy person right now, so I rocked harder.

So I had to call. And she had to say the results are not in yet. But they would call me when they got them. If not today then for sure by Monday.

Monday? I swear they are going to have to prescribe something if that's the case.

How hard is it to look through the images, write up a brief summary, email it over to the office, call me? Or text me. I just need one word. Positive or negative. Yes or no. Something or nothing. Good or bad. Clean or messy. Sad or happy. Present or absent.

Just let me hear the good news and move on!


  1. I'm praying for speedy results right this minute!

  2. I'm going crazy and I'm not even you. Thanks for the (non?-)update

  3. We keep praying and checking.