Friday, March 23, 2012

thanks josh, i'll take it from here

Just to be clear, there was no criticism from me over Josh's updates. I love how he deletes the drama. But it is fun to have him write more than few sentences.

His account is accurate, nausea seems to be the theme for this admission. I haven't kept one meal down. But still managed to gain 20 lbs. This is weird stuff. We stopped at 8 bags this time. We are weaning me off blood pressure mediations and making sure I've got all the right amounts of electrolytes so we can go home tonight. Friday! So excited.

Good things that have happened this week for us, well the good thing that happened this week is that the neck tumor is for sure smaller. And since we do all this for tumor shrinkage, we are totally happy about that.

Me being happy about that with my beat up face.


  1. Hooray for a shrinking tumor! (unless it's your twin) hahaha!

  2. So glad to hear the word "shrinking" that's what you want :) not fun though to be nauseated and throw everything up. You continue to be in our prayers. You truly are an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  3. You funny people. I like both posts. Josh is direct and to the point. Very matter of fact. Yours are colorful and descriptive. Both do good in letting us know what's going on. Sorry you've been so sick. That nausea is a horrible feeling, but glad you're seeing results. Makes it worth it.

  4. I am glad I got to feel the neck tumor before and after. I am backing you up here that it is indeed shrinking. Hooray! I hope the nausea stayed at the hospital

  5. Hey Alisa,
    We hope this week brings much peace and lots of feeling well! You are amazing. As we are new to following your blog, I was curious as to how long you have been fighting this and what symptoms you had initially that led to your diagnosis. Completely at your convenience... You can even say "refer to this post date." Just getting educated. ;)

    Your sweet family is in our thoughts and prayers,
    The Huish Family

  6. Sooooo many people ask me about you and it feels so good to tell them how well things are going. Whoever asked Josh to be more descriptive got what they were asking for! His sense of humor shone through, hope it helped you as you dealt with feeling so sick. Hope to see you Monday.