Saturday, December 28, 2013

if the fates allow

This is Josh, scribing for Alisa.

She tries not to lift a finger.  Her only movements now are to the bathroom.  She has told me to gather the family several times for final goodbyes, as she feels this is her last...

Of course it's not, its just the IPI kicking in.  It began Christmas Eve with horrible nausea.  Christmas Day she got up to watch the kids open presents, then got back in bed and didn't want to be talked to, touched, or seen, or moved.  She is much like a cat that way, hiding in the garage in a corner until the worst is over.

But she couldn't hide.  We had to take her to the acute care clinic the next day to have her checked out.  They ordered an upper GI scope, to see what was going on.  There wasn't much diarrhea, so the symptoms were a little mysterious.(did you hear my stomach? [bathroom break])

The scope showed some erosion.  And we won't need to wait til the biopsies come back because we started steroids tonight, after the diarrhea started.

Alisa has been lying in bed looking up recipes all day.  Which is not only a waste of time, but pure torture for her.

Please pray the steroids work quickly.  She would love some goat cheese.


  1. I know how much she likes goat cheese. Of course we will pray that the steroids work. Stomach are kinda useful! Thanks for the update Josh. Hang in there Alisa!

  2. Well, I don't think these moments are your last either, but I'm coming anyway.

  3. Alisa, sorry doesn't even touch how bad I feel that you are so sick. I hope you know how often you are thought about and how much you are loved. I just adore you and think the world of you. I know this is just another struggle you will conquer! You amaze us all!! Praying the steroids have already kicked in.

  4. Prayers, as always. Love to you as always-----(The WHOLE Epperson family)

  5. Love you, Lis! Thinking of you constantly! I loved your message yesterday, thank you. . . miss your bum and face too!!!