Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Update

From Josh - again

Alisa started her steroids and has been sick off and on since Saturday.  It seems like the steroids work to make her feel better, but when the drugs wear off she is sick (and miserable) again.

We went to the ER on New Years Eve/New Years Day at 4:00 AM, she had been throwing up and diarrhea all evening and was very de-hydrated.  We were in good company (drunks and others that maybe enjoyed the new year too much).  She felt better after they gave her 3 bags of fluids and some IV steroids.

Then she was sick again last night.  Dr Grossman called this morning and told her to come in for an infusion of infliximab (I think) at 2:00.  When she got here they found she had a fever and decided to take some additional precautions.  They are going to take a scan of her abdomen to make sure there is no perforation, they are also going to admit her to the hospital.  so we will be spending at least tonight here at Huntsman.  I have to say the chairs here are much more comfortable than the ones at the ER and expect I will have a pretty good nights sleep.


  1. I'm sorry Josh. Thanks for the update. Give Alisa some love from me. Rainie

  2. Josh, thanks for keeping us updated. We're always checking to see how things are going with you guys. Give our love to Alisa.

  3. Thank you for the updates. She is in our prayers!

    (Speaking of sleeping at hospitals, when our son was born they didn't have fancy things like spouse beds or recliners in the rooms. I slept in the hospital room with my wife......on the floor. Yep. I slept (or tried to) on a hospital floor. Seriously gross.

    Good luck. (And get some rest.)

  4. Thanks for the update. Thinking of all of you! I really don't know what to say, Alisa has been a trooper every step of every way. She has had a wonderful man right by her side. Your a good guy Josh.

  5. Ugh. So sorry guys. Praying hard. Putting your names on temple prayer roll today.