Monday, March 3, 2014

seasonal affective disorder

This week (Wed. afternoon) we will find out scan results.  I expect that we will see continued shrinkage and won't have to do any more treatments right now.  I seriously hope so, this break has been so nice.

I can see changes in myself that are very encouraging.  I have tackled a few projects around the house.   I am no longer wearing a sweatshirt every day of the week.  I have started reading books again.  We even went on an overnight family vacation, which I don't think we have done since school started. 

Truly, I have not been super fun or motivated this year.  I felt pretty happy (except when I was super sick).  Still.  I have wondered if perhaps I was depressed.  Climbing back in bed after I got the kids off the school was becoming a habit tradition.  I really had a hard time finding things that sounded fun to do.  I felt very uninspired.  Then I realized it was February and laughed it off as much as I could, and stayed in bed if I wanted to.  This is just what February does to me.  Cancer aside, it would likely be the same kind of thing. 

It all seems to be improving.  There are signs of Spring (that beautiful Thing!) all around the valley.  Wouldn't good news this week just fit right in?


  1. I've suffered from SAD this year, too, and have grown much too accustomed to my nap after my girl goes off to school. Good news would be the ultimate SPRING start. The fact that it is raining in our neck of the woods--and NOT snowing--is a definite sign that things will get better soon. I'm praying for you, sweetie. Hang tough, as always.

  2. Oh how I am praying for good news for you today. You are loved and prayed for all the way here in virginia.