Friday, May 2, 2014


The Linton's are doing really very well.  Spring is so contagious.  We feel in our bones what the world is whispering around us.  Hope, Renewal, Life, Beauty, God.  All manifest in a blossoming tree.

So lovely to be a part of it all.

I am feeling just great.  I am everyday surprised that I am in no pain.  The only complaint I have is with my arm.  The few days of heat we've experienced have reminded me how difficult lymphedema is in the summer.  And I do wonder what I will wear during those months as I now have to wear compression sleeves on my arm and leg.  But I guess when you are stressed by the what to wear question, your life is just not all that bad.

I feel like I need to share more.  Share my happiness and my testimony and my miracle.  I am most interesting in sharing with my boys, and I'm afraid I have not been good at writing anything down lately.  I will surely regret that.

So I am starting today.

Just today:

I went running with Ginger as soon as the boys left for school.  Actually I ended up walking mostly because I am very out of shape.  Ginger met cows for the first time and she was not at all impressed.

Lehi in the spring

I came home and picked up the house.  Josh has been out of town all week for business and I have not been cleaning or cooking (my boys ate home-made refried bean burritos for 5 days this week).

I got bored of cleaning before I finished, so I called to chat with my BFF from college.  Her voice always makes me happy.  She didn't mention that she was going to show up at her daughters'gorilla report dressed as a gorilla.  I saw this on instagram later today and had a good hearty laugh.  No one does that.  Sometimes I tell Josh about her antics, particularly related to holidays, and he is quite shocked.  Let's just say she goes all out.  In a very good way.

I had to hang up to shower (something that also doesn't happen when Josh is out of town). 

I had to shower because the boys had dentist appointments.  James had 3 teeth pulled, and Luke 2 cavities.  This is pure torture.  Not so much for the kids, but for me.  I have a very bad taste in my mouth when it comes to dental work.  I once lived through a root canal that they could not numb (it was infected and I guess that can decrease the effectiveness of the lidocain).  I was never the same after that.  Fear of pain entered into my life. 

We are listening to a Jeeves and Wooster book on CD on our car rides (the Lintons broke down and got a library card).  LOL.  My kids don't quite appreciate British humor yet, so it was just me in the front seat laughing.  I glanced back to see if anyone else thought it was hilarious.  But no.  Just me.

We got to meet Grandma Vicki's new chickens (a dog got into the chicken coop earlier this year and that was the end of most of her chickens).  The weather had us all smiling.

We came home to practice piano, but it proved almost impossible (James did play a bit) in the magical hour of sunset.  James and Sam worked on their long-boards.  Luke and I played catch until it was dark.

 May is almost too much.


  1. I agree . . . May is too much!!! I wish school was already out because it is so hard to get my kids to bed at a decent hour when evening is the most magical time of the day. Glad you guys are enjoying it so perfectly.

  2. Good stuff Alisa! Thanks for sharing the miracles.

  3. Such great news to read that you are doing well!! Darling picture of you and your family.

  4. Hey!!! Next time you need a pick me up, I will bring you a bunch of bananas in my gorilla costume. ����������