Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I wrote the post below on Sunday.  I have been wanting to edit it and make it say what I felt that day.  I got lazy and decided to settle for something that was grammatically correct.  But even that has seemed too much, and now I just need to move on and put it out there and hope you can feel what I was trying to say.  I meant to write it louder and sweeter, but I need to move on.

The water is slowly making its exit.  I went to the Dr. today to have my blood work checked and plan a little into the future.  I have felt one of the five target tumors disappear completely, anther shrink to half its size, and the other three seem to have not changed.  I haven't felt anything new.

I have one more week of IL-2 starting Monday.  It is my last shot.  We will scan early July (as long as we don't feel lots of new growth before then) and hope that my immune system figures something out here.  Immuontherapies (like IL-2) continue to work after they are administered, so we will see what we can pull off.  If the IL-2 didn't do the trick we will switch to a trial or IPI in July. 

I am feeling great today.  I have enjoyed doing things I used to do (laundry, dishes, yard work).  I am excited that things will get to back to normal in June.  I am glad, yet anxious, that we are putting the hardest treatments behind me. 

I still find myself hoping and believing that the IL-2 will cure me.  My body has responded.  It's fighting battles everyday with the evil cancer.  And the boys pray at night "Bless that the treatments will work and mom's cancer will go away." Can it just be that easy, please?


  1. Alisa you are amazing!!!! I can't believe the strength you have. You are an amazing mother, person, example, and strength. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!!

  2. With a sigh of breathe at the end: Can't it just be that easy! UGH, Alisa- you continue to fight and you continue to remind me daily of what really is important in this life, we struggle in so many different ways. You have seriously been through SO, SO much and You and Josh are such a great couple with such great boys! We continue to pray and put your name in the temple, again like I have said all the time- YOU ARE AMAZING! I think of you daily and ck the blog to see of any updates, thinking of you today and always!

  3. can be that easy. And we are all hoping and praying just like your boys.

  4. Aaron has been getting "thank" and "bless" mixed up, so his prayers sound like this, "Thank Thee that Alisa doesn't have cancer anymore." He sounds so confident that I have no trouble believing him.

  5. We all pray the same thing for you. You were prayed for at church more than once today. We are collectively pleading to heaven.
    It has been nice seeing you out and around. Sorry you have to turn around and go back to the hospital. I hope the week flies for you.
    I'll cheer for your boys at the Dance Festival on Thurs. :)

  6. A childs prayer is so sweet and innocent. I listen to my kids pray every night that "Sister Alisa Linton's cancer will go away and that she will be cured"
    I keep a prayer in my heart for the same =)