Friday, May 11, 2012

IL2 - Round 5 - Update 3

Alisa received her 7th dose Thursday morning.  That was the goal for this week.  We decided to try for one more and she received her 8th dose at 11:00 pm.

I waited up to wait for her shaking (almost always happens 1.5-2 hours after her dose) because I like to help the nurses (mostly I just put warm blankets on her, which doesn't help that much, while the nurses give her the drugs).  I suggested if they just left the drugs in the room I could probably handle it, they didn't think that would work.

I am usually not awake when Alisa shakes at night, and I found out I am missing out on some fun.  When she woke up she asked me where we were.  When I told her we were at the hospital she was quite disappointed.  Then she asked me where the kids were, she was obviously worried about them.  She closed her eyes and 2 minutes later she asked me again where we were, then she asked when we would go home.  2 minutes later she asked me again, this time she just kind of sighed, and said "I thought we were in Vegas, this place is too nice to be a hospital.

Kind of funny, kind of sad.  One of the side affects of the drug is fluid in the brain, which is why she is going a little crazy by the end of the week.  They give her a test every day and constantly ask her if she has had any vivid dreams.

Looks like we won't be getting any more doses this week, but I guess we already knew that.


  1. Oh, Josh..this is hard to go through at this end too..reading your daily updates...just reminds me to go & say another prayer.
    As for the memory loss, I have been doing that with Brent for years and he's not sick at all. Just old.
    Bless you both & hope your w/e is much, much better. I (along with any other woman reading tou posts) is amazed and proud of you for being in that room going through Alisa'a TX with her. You, my friend, are a man.

  2. Great updates Josh. I'm sure with the cocktails of medications she probably does feel like she is in Vegas. What an amazing body she he's to show the stinking tumors that she it's a fighter. I poorest for you guys all the time, put your names in the temple. Thinking of ALL of you.