Wednesday, May 9, 2012

IL2 - Round 5 - Update 2

Things have gone a bit differently today.  Alisa is feeling less nauseous but was shaking pretty bad after her dose. 

She has been alert and even went for a walk (about 200 ft maybe) before she got tired and had to lay down.

I went for a run while she was feeling better.

The food here is really good, but Alisa gets sick thinking about the hospital food.  I used to eat in the room, but now she won't let me, the smell makes her sick.  I think it is all in her head.  Because of this she had me go down to the Corner Bakery Cafe and get her a sandwich.  She ate the whole thing, her first meal of the week.

We are waiting for dose number 6, should be here soon.

We missed Luke and Sam losing teeth on the same day.  The tooth fairy might be a bit more responsible while we are gone. I think James had to wait 3 weeks before he got a visit.

FaceTime with the kids is always a treat. 


  1. Very odd....that same tooth fairy comes to our house too.

    My brother-in-law is a researcher at Huntsman Cancer Institute. I shared your blog with him this week. After reading it he told me that people like you guys are what gets him through difficult, long days and nights at work.

    Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Mike always has to help our kids looks for tooth fairy money in the morning. Somehow, after he helps look, the money always magically appears.

    I'm glad Alisa had enough appetite for a sandwich. We think about you all the time. Much love.

  3. Glad she's feeling a little better. Hang in there! Lots of daily prayers headed your way!

  4. Cory, tell your brother-in-law thanks. This place has been wonderful. The people working here are top notch.

  5. It helps to have a husband who is tech savvy, and buys gadgets that can bring the boys right to Mom's lap in the hospital on screen.