Wednesday, June 27, 2012

how this is going down

Starting today.

Listen close, cancer. 

My T cells, they know what to do.  They proved their awesomeness.  We have spent the last four months training the immune system with IL-2.  Training the right cells to pick up your scent.  And destroy.

We let them have a taste of you.  We let them eat tumors whole.  Large ones.  In one week.  Gone.  All gone. 

You took advantage when we quit the IL-2.  But don't assume it's your advantage now. 

Cause guess what?  We have been holding back the attack cells this whole time.  Ha!  Today we introduced into the body Ipilimumab. 

You see, we all have brakes on our immune systems to prevent autoimmune diseases:  We only let our T cells go so far.

IPI is a molecule that takes those breaks off.  Lets the T cells work without the normal restrictions.  

That is what we injected into the veins this afternoon. 

We are so coming after you. 

With the ferocious T cells off of their leashes.

Ready boys? 

SIC 'EM!! 

p.s. and tonight we add a chemo pill to start your pain.  It is so deadly I have to wear gloves to touch it.  But I'm swallowing it and sending it straight to you.  Gulp!

p.p.s.  if you ever, you know, want to surrender, I'm totally cool with that.  Totally. 


  1. You have such a way of writing. I absolutely love it! I also love how you aren't giving up. You are such an example and inspiration to me. You are so strong and have so much faith & courage. With your attitude, strength, confidence, faith & sweet spirit you are going to KICK THIS CANCER TO THE CURB!!!!! and NEVER let it come back. I check your blog daily and update Casey. We think about you a lot and you are in our prayers always. Thank you for writing this and letting us all read it. As I said above you are truly an inspiration to me, you will never know how much you have touched me. Good luck with this new treatment!

  2. A perfect battle plan General! Release the secret weapon! Go, Fight, Win!!!!

  3. Warrior Princess, definitely.

  4. I'm cheering for your T cells!

  5. Good luck with the new treatments Alisa! I love your attitude-you are amazing! Love you tons!

  6. Hip hip hooray for poisonous meds!! :)

  7. Alisa,
    Isn't it wonderful to be alive and living. You have a very special life. You're sweet spirit seems to radiate here into mortality. Those of us who have the opportunity to read your blogs are truly inspired. As for us we are thankful for you. For showing and teaching us how important it is to live each day of our lives with faith, hope, love, charity, courage and perseverance. For none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. You have many godly traits that are surely an example to all. You also have a very special family. It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to bless you and your loved one's for all Eternity.
    Jerry & Lisa Fullmer

  8. All the best to you Alisa and bye bye cancer forever is our hope and prayer!!!!!!!

  9. Yes! Give cancer the guillotine!!!! You are so strong! Lots of love, stephanie

  10. You get em!!!! YOU are amazing!!

  11. Ipi works! Wonderful medicines that save lives. Hang in there, cancer doesn't know what's coming! Kristi

  12. Death to cancer and Long Live Alisa!!!! (insert indian war whoop)

  13. You amaze me in so many ways! So ready to watch you show 'em whose boss! Praying always!!!!!

  14. you are so beautiful, you make me want to cry...and start my blog back up... ALISA IS THE COOLEST!