Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

Alisa slept well last night.  I think I was hoping for a relatively easy day. 

Not so., at least not since the afternoon started.

Some good news.

After re-running the blood work they found her INR to be normal and after some additional tests they decided they could also rule out DIC.  They decided they would go through with the thoracentesis after all and that the Doctor would stop by and discuss. Turns out there is more than one option when you have fluid all over your lungs.

They talked about putting a semi-permanent (it can be removed at a later date if no longer needed) catheter in so that we can drain the fluid that accumulates near her lung from home.  They think this is the best option because the fluid came back so quickly.  The doctor that performs this procedure is not in till tomorrow.  They decided to take a sample out to make sure there is no infection (might be causing the fever) in the fluid around the lungs, because if the fluid is infected the semi-permanent drain may not be an option.  They took out 500ml of fluid and "left plenty for the procedure tomorrow, it is much easier to place the catheter if there is more fluid. They thought this might relieve some of her pain a little, but it didn't.

She has been in as much pain this afternoon since we came to the hospital...can't recall the date..mid January?  She has her pain pump, oxycodone and dilaudid and still only finds relief when she is sleeping.

She still has a fever.

Pretty exciting end to the Super Bowl though.  I thought the commercials were a bit disappointing.


  1. That Chik-FIL-a story from the last point made me cry too ;). Sure hope tomorrow brings a smooth day where everything goes well and you guys get to go home soon. My dad put your names in the Temple a few days're always in my prayers.

  2. Still thinking and praying for you guys. I wish things were better for you.

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  4. Well, hmmmm. I never expected a Chick-Fil-A story to give me goose bumps. But your story yesterday proved me wrong. May there be many more tender mercies in the path ahead.

  5. I was feeling so hopeful yesterday morning too. I hope draining the fluid brings her some relief. I think of you guys all day.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated when you already have so much on your plate. This is the first site I check every morning and the last place I look every night. <3 - Raquel