Saturday, January 31, 2015

There and back again

There is never a dull moment around here. 

Last night around 8:00 Alisa told me to turn the heater down.  She was feeling hot.  I complied and then she asked me to take her temperature.  It was 100.4.  I am not clear on all the reasons but when they discharge us from the hospital they are very clear that a fever is a serious condition when someone has undergone chemotherapy.  Alisa debated calling the on-call doctor at Huntsman and we decided to wait until this morning.  She gave me clear instructions to "watch her temperature throughout the night."

So we did.  She was 99.5, 100.7, 101.0, etc.  This morning we read the discharge instructions that explained we should call with any fever over 100.5.  I pretty much keep my mouth shut during this because my gut reaction is to just "tough it out" like with any cold or flu or anything.  I do realize this is different, hence the silence. 

Alisa called and I talked (because she kept dozing off trying to explain the situation).  The doctor decided we should go to the emergency room so they could take some blood samples/cultures to check for infection.  I told Alisa we needed to go to the American Fork emergency room.  She said she would rather go to IMC (Murray) because it is closer to Huntsman in case she has to be admitted.

We arrived and we had a pretty good emergency room visit.
  1. We had the same doctor we saw back on New Years Eve a year ago when Alisa had a horrible reaction to IPI.  He seemed to remember us, but maybe he is just always nice.
  2. We had some great entertainment.  The guy across from us kept yelling things I couldn't understand, but I did understand the nurse when she commented "I am not going back in there  just to be punched in the face again."
  3. We watched a pretty good basketball game between Louisville and North Carolina
The medical news was...complicated.
  1. The did a CT scan of her abdomen/chest and noticed fluid in her right lung.  The same lung that was drained 10 days ago.
  2. They gave us the option to be admitted to the hospital and have them drained, or to get them drained and then go home.  We chose the go-home option. We waited for the procedure.
  3. The blood work came back and showed her INR was 2.2.  I don't know what that stands for but it indicates how well her blood is clotting like it is supposed to.  Anything above 2 means they can't do the thoracentesis, because of the bleeding risk (high INR number means the blood is not clotting like it should.)
  4. They were confused about why her INR would be high, because she is not on any blood thinners.
  5. They were also confused about the fever because there was no sign of anything causing the fever.  Nothing near her incision, nothing on the CT scans.
  6. The ER Doc spoke with Doctor Grossmann and decided that the best thing was to admit her to Huntsman so they could watch her and try and make some decisions about what to do.
  7. We laughed.  Maybe it was just me laughing, but what else can you do.  I guess 2 nights break from the hospital is better than none.
We left and went to Huntsman.  Good thing we didn't go to American Fork.  They are going to watch her tonight and then try and drain the lungs in the morning, possibly giving her something to boost her blood clotting (fresh frozen plasma, I think they said) before the procedure.

One more thing happened that I can only call the small mercies of our Lord.  Alisa was pretty hungry and thirsty by this time and so we hit the Chik-fil-a for a little dinner.  For the most part I can contain my emotions (at some level it is probably unhealthy pride) but as we pulled up to pay, I handed the guy my credit card and he said "You don't have to pay sir, that person in front of you paid for your dinner." I didn't exactly break down sobbing, but it was obvious I was touched by the gesture.  A few minutes later the manager came up and gave us 2 free meals certificates and said "Sorry about the long wait, enjoy a couple of free meals."  I don't know if he was doing that for everyone, the wait might have been a little bit long for Chik-fil-a, but I was impressed (and actually held myself together this time).  So thanks to the person driving a car with a USU Aggies license plate for buying our dinner, I doubt you knew the small kindness you paid us today.  And thanks to Chik-fil-a and their employees for being just as considerate and kind.


  1. Thinking of you guys tonight. So sorry you are back at Huntsman. My prayers tonight will include a quick recovery for sweet Alisa so you can be back home with your darling boys. Sending lots of love and hope.

  2. Josh, you're doing and amazing job explaining everything! Alisa will be impressed! We are praying for you and yours and know there are more tender mercies in store for your family!

  3. We continue to think and pray for Alisa and the family often. Give her our love. Thankful for fast Sunday and that our fast can be directed towards your family.

  4. Thanks, Josh, for keeping us all in the know. We love you guys so much, you are both superhuman. I can't believe all you go through.

  5. More prayers your way Lintons!! ❤️

  6. Super lame Alisa is back in the hospital but hopefully they can figure things out and get her comfortable and fever free. I love your Chick Fil A story! Tender mercies are real and it's such a great reminder of how important it is to listen to those promptings, no matter how big or small they may seem. We never know how it will affect those around us. What might seem small and insignificant to one "serving" can be a game changer for those on the receiving end. God is good! His love is real. We love you guys and will continue to keep you all in our prayers!

  7. Sorry to hear that you are back at the hospital. I wondered when I stopped by and no one was home. Praying it is just a short visit before you can be home again. Hang in there.

  8. Last night after you asked me to bring Alisa a toothbrush and toothpaste, I was gathering it up and then had a thought about contact solution and so I grabbed a bottle along with a case. She made a big deal about how thoughtful it was. As I was driving home, I said a little prayer to thank God for helping me think of that. I was filled with a peace that made it very clear that Heavenly Father is very aware of Alisa and her needs right now.

  9. I'm glad she's in the hospital that knows her best. I'm sorry she's in the hospital, the chicken fil a story made me cry. Tender acts reassure that heavenly father is with you at all times even when your struggling with a trial. You are both stich amazing people who remind me of faith and endurance. Prayers continue.

  10. Sometimes, it's the very small kindnesses that get us through one more tough day! Thank you for sharing that story. I love your family and will continue in prayer.

  11. Both of you constantly amaze me with your strength and courage. Sorry it isn't better news, but so grateful for a kind Heavenly Father who knows our needs. We continue to pray for your sweet family!

  12. Josh and Alisa, I am so very grateful you have each other! You are a strongly connected couple, something I greatly admire. You serve and rely on each other. Your trials, strength, and journey are teaching us all a lesson of love and sacrifice. We are better for having known you. Fasting and prayers for your family as always! I have so much HOPE! Love you!

  13. Wow, what an incredible post about tender mercies from above! Your family IS being watched and cared for. Constantly on our minds, and in so many hearts and prayers!

  14. What a sweet tender mercy! I'm so sorry you have to go back to the hospital. We pray they will figure out the next step for you so that you can go back home again. Love you Alisa!!

  15. prayers being sent your guys way!!! your chick fil a story just shows God is watching out for us, even in small little moments.. {{HUGS}}