Sunday, January 18, 2015

18 January 2015 - 9:30 AM

Sorry we haven't updated you for a while.  Alisa was actually feeling up to posting herself last night and then fell asleep before she had a chance to start.

She has been feeling much better.  We think it is because of the nerve blocks they gave her, but we are thankful they do work.

She goes in and out of awareness throughout the day.  It is not as bad as when she was on the ketamine, but she still has a hard time remembering dates, and some other things. It is most likely just because of all the medications she is taking.

There is not much more to report.  Assuming they can keep her comfortable (out of pain) each of the next 3-4 days should be pretty similar.  Sleeping on and off during the day, chemo at night.

I will keep you updated on her progress.  Thanks for all your concern.

PS - Happy Birthday Alisa!!!  



  1. Thanks for the update. We prayed for her and your family in Relief Society today. We love you and are here for anything!

  2. Happy Birthday Alisa!!! I think of you daily and keep you in my prayers. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and inspiring me and so many others. I feel so blessed to have been in nursing school and on so many adventurous field trips in Mexico together. You are a talented, courageous, beautiful, fun, and strong woman, wife and mother. I'm praying for miracles for you. I have learned in the toughest times that a loving Heavenly Father is intimately aware of us and sends tender mercies (aka little miracles) to help us. I know He loves you and your sweet family so much. Praying for lots of tender mercies for you on your birthday and always.

  3. Our hearts are heavy because of the decisions and pain you're facing. We're praying for you and your family to have strength and comfort. You are God's choice daughter and He is by your side guiding those who care for you. You are a light to so many.
    The Farners
    Chris, (Nate's Brother) Jeni, Joe, Lukas & Emma

  4. Thanks for posting. I check often to see how everyone is doing. Both of you are amazing! Happy Birthday Alisa! Prayers continue with you all.

  5. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Josh. I too check often to see how everyone is holding up. Tell Alisa happy birthday and I wish she was feeling up to celebrating. We love her, she's just amazing! Praying this week goes smoothly.

  6. Happy birthday Alisa. We love you lots.

  7. Happy birthday Alisa! Prayers and love from Oregon.