Friday, January 20, 2012

medicai [sic] opportunity

I forgot to share my fortune from the cookie I got with my birthday dinner.

Do you think God might wink at us in random ways?

I would love a prayer today that we can come up with the best treatment plan available. Josh just watched this video of the well-known (and from what I've read from his patients, well-loved) Dr. Weber explaining the treatments I mentioned yesterday and some of the new clinical trials. Very well said. And very hopeful.

I kind of hated it when the nurses or Dr.s last year would make comments like "This is a great time to be in melanoma! So many exciting things are happening right now!" Never is it a great time to be in melanoma as a patient, but it is better than it's ever been. And it is a little exciting.


  1. Wow, interesting fortune! We have been praying for you and Josh.. I wish I had a magic wand that can make things better or tell you what to do. As for the comments made- You are SO right: Never is a great time to be a melanoma patient. Grrr! I am sorry! Best of luck♣ with the choices you make, may the Faith in Christ be with you.

  2. There is no reason why your cookie fortune should not come true. We prayed this morning that you and Josh and your doctors would be lead to choose the best treatment for you. I know that will happen. Good luck sweet girl!

  3. Well, I for one do believe in Miracles and Medicine, and you, (& I think God does "wink" at us a lot.)
    Your dynamic of thinking through all the options reminds me so much of Brent's 100% immersion in his TX. It does make you feel more in control of an uncontrolled situation.
    Sounds like you have a lot of options. And you have some darn good support. You are in our prayers..and everyone else's. We love you guys...

  4. "verification word" for that post was CONSOLE.

    There's a wink for you!
    Buffy (Momila is what my kids call me!)

  5. K, that was way informative. I'm glad you shared. I am so glad you have options and hope. Good luck at the appointment today--I hope your Dr. has some good input. You will pick the right thing. I have yet to meet a more informed patient than you.

  6. Did somebody type that and insert it into your cookie?