Monday, April 2, 2012

IL2 - Round 4 - Update 1

They just gave Alisa her second dose.  She is feeling about the same as last time and has been sleeping most of the day.

The most excitement was when they tried to put here PICC line in and I almost passed out (again).  I almost passed out the first time when they kept trying to get the needle into her vein.  Imagine a nurse sticking a 6 inch needle in and out probing for the right place, I could handle it for a few minutes but then had to sit down before I fell down.  Today the needle went right in, but then they stick a small cable into the vein for the tube to follow, it kept getting stuck, like trying to fish a wire down a wall and you keep hitting something you can't see, the nurse would pull out the cable and it would be bent and blood kept dripping out, they just kept trying.  Not sure what they did (I had to sit down) but eventually they got it to work.

We (I) watched the Kentucky/Kansas game with little interest, I was out when NC State lost.  Alisa really enjoyed the game.

Alisa might have mentioned that they allow dogs here in the hospital.  One of our neighbors is going to bring Ginger to visit sometime this week.  Just realized it is weird we don't really want anyone to visit but we can't wait to get our dog up here...Anyway, I asked one of the nurses up here if there were any rules about bring the dogs (what time they can come, how long they can stay, etc)  She said.  "Anytime will work, some people even have them stay over night, although I don't think that is the best idea.  They do discourage dogs that bark, and dogs that try to bite the doctors.  Other than that, no rules"

Hopefully Ginger will behave herself but I don't think she has really been around doctors.  I am trying to convince Alisa that she really needs Ginger to stay the night with her, I have heard animals can have a real positive influence on the patients. 


  1. I hear that dog's can also have a calming influence on patient's spouses. Especially those spouses who have been traumatized by watching a PICC line being put in. You're brave Josh. I would have been out the the room, completely.

    Good luck this week! Give Ginger a pat for me.

  2. You are both so brave. We continue to have you in our thoughts and prayers and are so proud of you for continuing to show up for the battle. Keep fighting! We love you. Didn't great Generals always have a dog accompany them in battle?

    1. I hope things went well with Ginger, she felt sooo soft, just touching her must be therapy!