Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today I put on my bravest face as the boys walked into school.  I will miss them every day.

Luckily, we are on an early track and they are dismissed at 2:15.  Just enough time for me to exercise, shower, clean up the house, make dinner, work on the computer projects I have planned.  Maybe even read and write with time left over.  Sounds kind of lovely, doesn't it?

Last year Luke started 1st grade and everyone was curious what I was going to do with myself all day.  I was for sure the most curious.  But it turned out I did mostly the same stuff, but with no little dudes around.  Super lonely!

Days like this, I have to wonder if what I told them is what I've taught them.  I hope they are kind to the world even when I'm not there to prompt them.

We woke up to presents on the door and a back-to-school banner on our window.  There is only one woman who can get her kids out the door, herself ready for work, and pull off a good deed before 8am on the first day of school.  Had to be Steph Fugal.  As James put it, "Who else would it be?"  We are so spoiled!

Kids, if you miss the bus, grab your helmet, cause mom can't drive you to school anymore.  Actually we are planning on biking as much as the weather permits.

And the weather in the morning right now is so FABULOUS!  The sun coming up over the mountains...yum.

Ginger normally follows me around all day.  Not today.  She stared out the window with her saddest face all morning.

You and me both, baby girl.


  1. Winnie has had the opposite experience, she just follows me around with delight that she has me all to herself. It seems Ginger is a little more family minded. Love that first picture of the boys!

  2. Honestly, could there be a more handsome handsome batch of three boys?? Let Ginger help curb your loneliness, it looks like the feeling might be mutual.

  3. Your boys are so handsome! I can't imagine what it is like to have all of your kids in school and being alone. My youngest starts kindergarten next year so I will soon see what it is like to be alone. It makes me sad. They grow up too fast! Love reading your blog, as usual! :) Hope you are doing good, you continute to be in our prayers! PLEASE talk Casey into going to the next School Reunion :)

  4. I totally relate to this. I fortunately still have one at home, but I'm saddened by the thought that he will be leaving the "nest" next year!

    Keep up the amazing writing. I always LOVE to read your blog. I hope someday we can meet. By the way, I blogged about you, I hope you don't mind. You are just an inspiration and I want others to know! ;)

  5. Love these pictures--they are beautiful. So are you and so are your boys.