Friday, August 10, 2012


Tuesday night equaled anything I have faced.  I was glad my house is so small, my toilet so close to my bed.  Violent vomit.  All. Night. Long.  "Temodar!" I yelled in between the stomach wrenching, "You better be working!!"  I have changed my antiemetics around since, and it is helping.

Wednesday evening I had to start my bowel prep for the colonoscopy.  14 days worth of laxatives down in 10 hours.  Up all night at the toilet again.  And while I am in a tell-all mood, I also might have pooped the bed.  Not much, but what?!  I think I was so stinking tired from not sleeping the night before, I just couldn't wake up.  Holy crap, my kids have never even pooped the bed!  I woke up Josh (the world's soundest sleeper) laughing my head off, making him get up to roll off the sheets.  Had to finish my drink concoction starting at 3 am, to be at the hospital at 7.

The GREAT news is, the colon looks just fine.  He took some biopsies they will test, but couldn't see any damage.  I haven't talked to my oncologist, just waiting for a couple more tests to come back, but I would say we have a great chance of continuing on with the IPI.  I'm feeling really happy that!

Strange mix of miracles and disasters over here. 

This afternoon has been quiet.  The kids are playing with their cousins.  Josh at work.  I wondered what am I going to do with an afternoon all by myself?  I checked the calendar.  Which led to a minor panic attack: 11 more days till the kids go back to school!

It is going to be a hard transition.  They have been so much fun, and no work at all at home.  I have considered pulling them out for a while and home-schooling.  But it doesn't feel right.  My original plans were to try and keep them on as normal a schedule as possible, and I need to stick to it.  Besides, they love school.  Nothing better than having them rush in, slam the door, drop their backpacks where they don't belong, and tell me something exciting that happened that day.  Nothing better than being there.  I feel so lucky I get to get them ready and send them off to school.  Really didn't know if I was going to be able to do that this year.

So very grateful.


  1. So sorry about the poop and vomit, but very happy that your colon looks so good. On to the IPI! (Hopefully).

  2. Yay for poop and vomit! That means you are alive!

  3. Oh, fleeting summer. We can keep you busy this fall but your kids are way more fun than we are. And some of my favorite people are incontinent, so no shame there.

  4. Sorry for laughing at the first part of that while you "told all." It sounds like an absolutely awful way to spend a night.

    I will think of you when my kids slam the door and throw their backpacks and I will be grateful to welcome them home.

  5. I think with 14 days of laxatives in one day I would have pooped the bed all night! So glad to hear the colon is not damaged and you can continue IPI.

  6. So GRATEFUL for your clean colonoscopy, for another school year and for your incredible attitude. Also grateful for these stinking/miserable chemo drugs... GO chemo - kick some cancer butt!!

  7. Alisa... even the best of them poop the bed with those bowel preps. I'm glad you laughed about it. Glad for the good report from the colonoscopy. You are amazing. xoxoxooxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo big hug, little hug oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  8. Lol! In the middle of moving so haven't been as available but want you to know I am here and reading... You never cease to make me smile- even (ahem, especially!) when discussing excrement. Stay strong and keep it coming. :)