Tuesday, March 1, 2011

in, like, a lion

We have had a wonderful, normal day. I am feeling lots of love and prayers. I know I could feel bitter right now, but I mostly just feel blessed.

Below is my facebook post about 6 months ago. It is a short summary of my history with cancer. I don't know why it took the Dr.s telling me I was clear for me to believe it. But it was so much fun to believe!!

The Perfect Brightness of Hope

by Alisa Johnson Linton on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 10:45pm

September 21, 2007 we learned that the melanoma I was previously diagnosed with had spread to three of my lymph nodes. Everything seemed so depressing and hard. At my stage (IIIB), I was given a 50/50 chance of survival. I had two surgeries, and 9 months of medication. I have had scans every 6 months to make sure it hadn't come back.

Well, today was my last scan and it came back CANCER FREE! At stage IIIB, melanoma will usually reoccur within the first 3 years, the chance of reoccurring after is less than 10%, or some studies say 5%. I'll take it!! And run!! I actually am running a fever today with all this excitement. How can I help it? Under all this wonderful September sunshine, someone tells me I have a long life after all. Such a blessing, such a surprise, such a gift, such luck! Such happiness!!

I am so sincerely grateful for my incredible support group. Family, friends, and strangers that gave me strength and hope. And bless you-chocolate. For all the prayers and acts of kindness, THANK YOU!! So many tender mercies along the way. Like the $5,000 that Josh just won in a drawing that is taking us to....Disneyland!!! Magic!!!

Group Hug!!!

Way too many exclamation points, I know!! I know!!!

Three years ago and scared spit-less.

Last time! Did I mention I'm happy?

Wow. I was just reading the Sloan-Kettering article on relapse the Dr. handed me that day. Sure enough, less than 5% of recurrence happens after the first 2 years. It usually comes back much quicker. I beat the odds. Let's make that a trend.

I am so glad to say goodbye to February. My sister Sonja and I are always dreading that dreary month. Were our feelings foreshadowing February 2010?

Her son, my nephew, finished his first round of chemo. Updates here: http://stevenbattlescancer.blogspot.com
Go Steven!!


  1. I'm praying for another Facebook post just like that one, again, after this round. It can happen!!!!!!!!!

    (A few explanation points of my own)

  2. Funny, I've always had looky forward feelings for February. Could these be premonitions for February 2012?

  3. I love February, generally...sorry it's been such a dismal one. i think you are the first person I've seen who looks skinny and fantastic in a hospital gown. i love you girl, it's been too long since we've talked.