Friday, March 25, 2011


All over the news today: the first drug in like 15 years to get FDA approval for treatment of late stage melanoma. Does this mean something for me? I am finding out. It may only be approved for stage 4 patients.

Exciting day in the melanoma world!


  1. That is exciting! I hope it means something for you.

  2. It seems like it really should mean something to you. Do you know if the other trial they mentioned in the article is the one you have been talking about doing?

  3. It is for stage 4. But from what I understand, you might be able to get it for stage 3 if you pay for it yourself? I am trying to figure this out. I guess they have been conducting a study for stage 3 patients, half getting the drug, and half getting placebo. My nurse said the results are so promising they are fast tracking FDA approval, which will mean months rather than years to get it approved for stage 3.

    Dawn, no this is using a whole different approach, the BRAF inhibitors that also looks promising.

    My nurse said when they go to their melanoma collaboration meetings the Dr.s are saying this is a great time to be working in melanoma because they have lots of things that look promising. How about it science? Let's figure it out this year!

  4. Yeah!!!! Your family deserves a lot of good news.

  5. FULL BODY CHILL. This seems like perfect timing. THANK HEAVEN!