Wednesday, July 23, 2014

day -1

When you have a transplant (bone marrow, stem cell, T-cell) they countdown to the day you will receive your new cells.  The countdown begins the day you start receiving your preparative regimen of chemo (in my case Thursday was day -7).  We will inject the T-cells on day 0.  And then we count up from there.

Somehow we are already at day -1.

These last few days have me feeling like I am in a negative space.  Only around and between real days.  All this sitting idly feeling lousy in a strange kind of prison.  But negative space in art is often as important as the object itself.

We had a visitor yesterday.  Troy lives here in Seattle and did the TIL trial at NIH two years ago.  He disease free because of it.  There are other stories like his that have me believing that this could be it.

While we were chatting with Troy and his wife I started talking funny. I had just had lunch and the chemo had just finished.  Josh pulled out the camera for the kids.  I thought it was a neurological complication that was going to leave me paralyzed.

Turns out it was just a swollen tongue from an allergic reaction.  Benedryl took care of it.  I was way cautious when ordering dinner, but was eating peanuts by the handfuls at bedtime.  I like to live on the edge a little.


  1. Praying this is IT! How neat to meet a fellow survivor. Ok, the swollen tongue thing totally made me laugh. It almost sounded like you had an accent for a sec. Happy to see you're in good spirits, even when you feel terrible! You're the best!

  2. Alisa... believing in your cure with you. Praying for your protection as the days progress. May you feel secure in your Heavenly Father's arms as we continue to pray 24/7 in Oregon for your miracle. With love and hope, Gretchen