Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 3-4

Alisa is doing as expected.  She gets sick after each dose of IL2.  Throws up, shivers all over, sleeps a lot.

Tries to eat, mostly just popsicles (that I mash up into a slushee).  Sometimes she tries cookies or rice krispy treats (not great coming back up)

She has had 7 doses of IL2 so far.  They said they wouldn't push it to the max (14 doses), so I am betting she will get 9 or 10.  Then she will stay in the hospital until her blood counts go up.



  1. Your dedication (both of you!) is admirable. You make a great team in life. Keep the Popsicle slushies going for my sweet friend. Tears of joy, hope in my heart, prayers pleading for your life. Love abounds. Miracles happen, especially to well deserved people like you! Loves. :)

  2. Thinking of you always. I hope these last few doses are tolerable.