Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 1

in order to understand the next few days and the updates I think it is necessary to remind you all that at this point in her treatments most symptoms of being sick are good.

Alisa has been sick since they injected her cells yesterday.  after about an hour she had a fever of 102 and was pretty sick until about 3:00 AM (chills, fever, night sweats).  I didn't realize it till this morning but she was a bit loopy last night.  She requested a cinnamon roll at about 2:00AM, so I ran down to the little treat cart and got a rice crispy treat (she has been craving those this week) and a snickerdoodle cookie (closest thing to a cinnamon roll).  By the time I got back she was asleep.  This morning she was surprised to see treats waiting for her, didn't even remember asking.

She started IL2 this morning at 10:00 and had a second dose at 6:00.  She has been pretty miserable.  She gets the rigors (uncontrollable shaking/shivering, teeth chatter) about an hour after each dose, hen they give her enough drugs to stop shivering, and she is out for the next few hours.  She did throw up once. She will get another dose at 2:00 AM

Thanks for all your thoughts at prayers.



  1. Thanks for the updates, Josh. Hang in there!

  2. Thinking about you guys everyday. Lots of prayers coming your way from South Africa.

  3. Thanks, Josh. I check for updates first thing everyday. We are praying and feeling very positive about this whole thing. Give my love to Alisa.

  4. you guys are AMAZING! Keep up the good fight!