Wednesday, July 2, 2014

spartan beast

Saturday was a big day for Josh.  In December his friends invited him to do a Spartan race with them.  It is a 13 mile run with a bunch of obstacles throughout the course.  Josh decided he was going to run the race for me.  Shave my name in his hair and use me as his inspiration to keep going.

Such great friends.  McKay, Davy, Josh, Matt, Drew, and my favorite Ashly. 

Since December he has lost 15 pounds.  He has worked out almost every day, and many days twice a day.  He changed his diet.  He ate less and ate healthier.

He changed his lifestyle.  If you have ever done this or tried to do this, you know how hard it is.

It has been a very inspiring transformation.  I seldom cry, but there were a few tears as he finished a great race.  Josh is such a champ.  He puts all he has into things.  He is a positive person.  He works hard.  He doesn't let things get to him for long.  He is the kind of guy that can handle a difficult situation.  Sometimes that comforts me, and sometimes it worries me.

I couldn't help but think of F. Scott Fitzgerald's quote, "Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy."  

Josh and McKay.  They aren't really running straight uphill, I just can't get this picture rotated (seriously?).

She did keep asking him if it hurt.
Josh cuts his own hair (it's not terribly complicated ;), but splurged and went to the barber before the race.  He asked the stylist  if she would shave a name in the back of his hair.  She said she never had before, but she thought she could.  That was the point where he should have backed out.  Not only does it look like a second grader's handwriting, it was bleeding.  We'll see if it scars.  Sorry Josh's next wife!  Ha!

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