Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 2

Alisa received her first dose of chemo last night at 11:00.  They had some trouble getting her PICC line in and had to do the first dose through an ordinary IV line in her right hand (ask a nurse to explain any of this that doesn't make sense).  it was either that or a jugular central line.

She has been sick since last night.  Symptoms include:
  • Wasabi Effect - her eyes and nose burn while she is receiving the chemo-therapy (like she ate wasabi, hence the name.)
  • Nausea - They said she would not be too sick for 2-3 days, it started almost immediately.  I think maybe it is just in her head.  She did say she was feeling nauseous since she walked into the hospital.  I guess once you spend a certain amount of time sick in a hospital, just being here makes you sick.
She also just got back from intervention radiology (not sure that is the right name, but something like that.)  The PICC nurse couldn't get her line in all the way yesterday so she was referred to the department that can get a better view of why the PICC is blocked and get it through to the heart. Well that is done (good thing we are not paying for this, see post from yesterday.)

At this point she is either asleep, or throwing up.



  1. What a miraculous story, and so nice to get to hear Alisa tell it. Miraculous indeed! I'm so glad you've had this miracle and I hope there are many more in store for you in the near future. Much love to both of you. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. White coat syndrome, she has every reason to feel nauseous. Wasabi, that baby burns. Feel better Alisa!