Saturday, February 18, 2012

the best is yet to be

Remember all those cute family videos I was going to make this week? Got on my computer almost zero times due to my inability to do anything but act sick. On Valentines Day I managed to put a picture of Josh and me up on Facebook, but my bigger plan was to try out iMovie with a look back at our love story.

I know everyone thinks their love is something special, like no one else's. We are probably all right. I know mine is unique. Even if we can be categorized as your standard high school sweethearts.

I vividly remember the first day I saw Josh. It was the last day of 6th grade. We all walked to a park a few blocks west of the school to play sports and celebrate the end of elementary. After a few games of tennis, I walked up to see what was going on at the baseball field. There was a tall boy, not from our school, in zebra print MC Hammer pants joking and flirting with all my classmates. And playing pitcher! The nerve! I asked my friends about him and they said they all knew him because he used to go to our school. He left to attend a gifted program at another school the year (5th grade) I moved to Sandy. I was very intrigued. Mostly in his confidence. He has always had so much of that.

And so, like I said before, I played my cards carefully. I sat close to him in all my classes (we have been in almost every class together since the 7th grade because we had an honors program in the school that gave us similar schedules). I was quiet and listened to everything he said about himself. If he liked country music, I liked country music. If he liked sports, I liked sports. He at this point didn't know I existed. He was a very popular kid.

One day he took notice of me. It was the end of 8th grade. In English class. I had walked by him kissing girls in the halls for 2 years. But finally I caught him looking at me, and flirting with me.

Of course, we never kissed in the halls. We had a bit of a tumultuous relationship, I was always trying to break up with him, and he was always apologizing for things he didn't do. It's long and complicated, but he never gave up on me. No matter what mean things I said, he came back as confidently as ever and I could never resist.

During one of the try-and-break-up-with-hims, I said, Why don't you find another girl? "I like you." Why? There are other girls like me. There are other girls better than me! They are prettier, and more athletic, and for sure nicer! "Well, I'm very picky." I know, and you can have your pick, anyone would take you, Josh. "Yeah, but I like the way you walk."

He has always maintained his undying love for me. He does everything for me. He says he wants to do everything for me. It's like nothing is too much to ask. The kids, the house, the neeeeeeedy wife. He won't leave the hospital while I'm there. He will hardly leave the house if I'm here. He won't sleep if I'm up sick. He doesn't complain, he has to keep working, he still walks the dog, and wants to play with the kids.


When things are scariest, when they are the hardest, when you have to push yourself to do something outside of your seems like you needs an image. That picture in the back of your mind on why you are working so hard to get something done. The reason for your struggle. Maybe a soldier keeps a sunny day with his little kids in his heart, a runner puts that goal line with his foot crossing over in the front of his mind, a child lost in the woods (this probably doesn't happen anymore, but it sounds scary) sees the his backlit home as the sun sets when he closes his eyes as strange noises are snapping around him.

When I am very sick, sick like I would just rather die of cancer sick (just been there), I have been lucky enough to have that image holding my hand, kissing me on the forehead, and praying at my bedside. The whole time looking at me with love, and of course that confidence..

It has been so much fun to grow up with Josh. I don't know if we were made for each other. I know we started at a very young age to be what the other one wanted, so in a way, yes. I know our hopes and dreams are built around each other.

God bless our love, Babe. For years and years. Of all the millions of reasons I want to live, you are number one.

ps, I could write sheets and sheets about Josh, but this was enough to put me in tears. Even if I listed just the things Josh did today it would amaze. Seriously. I think he is superhuman.

pps, this is Peter Brienholt singing a song by John Lennon, quoting Robert Browning.


  1. You inspired him to be who he has become! Thanks for loving him. You are so loved.

  2. That just might be the sweetest love story I know of! You are both blessed.

  3. I just love this post!! You are both so lucky to have each other!

  4. Wow, I love it! Thanks for sharing--it brought back so many memories, and I wasn't even a real part of most of them. You guys look more beautiful every year.

  5. This was beautiful Alisa. Josh is really such a perfect catch and you two just keep getting better and better together as the years pass. The best part, you'll just keep getting better and better together forever! You make each other who you are... and what you both are is amazing.

  6. If anyone was meant for each other, it would be you and Josh

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  8. Alisa still has the most beautiful walk I have ever seen.

  9. I love it! Thanks for sharing. The two of you are the perfect couple in my eyes too. Love you both!

  10. Loved this post! I love the song as well. You guys are such a cute and perfect couple!

  11. I've never heard all of the details...wish I could steal them and use it for when people ask how Mike and I met. :-) Seriously though, you both are AMAZING which is probably why you're so perfect for each other.

  12. Watching you and Josh and your love story unfold over the years has been a sweet memory for me too. You guys were meant to be together & anyone who met the two of you knew it. As always--thinking of you daily.

  13. Best Love Story!! You are both amazing.

  14. Your love story TRULY is a beautiful one. Thinking of you!

  15. Love it! Always have been a cute couple and I remember some of those moments! Love you two!

  16. AAaaaaa! I loved it!!!
    Zebra M.C. Hammer pants?, I was waiting for a picture of those.

    Also, country dance championships?? Yee Haw!!
    I love country swingin'.