Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I asked some very talented and tasteful friends to help me pick out some new chairs and paint for my piano room. We needed to make it function also as an office for Josh to work from home when he needs to. True to these friend's nature, they went above and beyond. Today they gave the room a make over that brought me to tears, and had the kids asking if they could sleep in it tonight. I will get pictures up tomorrow. Last time I went through treatments the room was painted and decorated by my aunt and cousin, and was just the nicest gift ever. Something completely finished, not the kind of thing I pull off easily.

There are so many offers to help all around, it is very overwhelming.

I always feel so lucky and blessed. Always. I am so grateful for the people I am surrounded by. You name it, I have it. The best husband in the world (hate to brag, but honestly I am in awe every day at how he his holding it together). A large, very helpful immediate and extended family. Dear friends, the kind I could ask for anything. A neighborhood of wonderful people just waiting to help.

And my kids are dang fun. They got a hand-me-down flip camera phone from an uncle, and today have started to make some karate how-to-videos. "Everything but forms" James explained to me (I don't know what forms are). I mentioned if it was good enough we might want to share a bit of it on the blog. Their eyes got very big. I really hope you get to see how serious karate can be. Yes, think Napoleon Dynamite.

We played with photo booth a little today and couldn't stop giggling.

Sweet MacBook. We love you already.


  1. I believe we are lucky to have you in our lives.

  2. That is so NICE, I can't wait to see pictures! I love all the fun pictures and I must say the last one with you is so darling, SERIOUSLY you don't take a bad picture AT ALL. I need a flip camera. Were pulling for ya!!

  3. You look like a Polly pocket in that bottom picture. ..

  4. I can't wait to see the room. Photo booth is so fun. For some reason I can never stop laughing when I use it. It's kind of ridiculous.

  5. I can see a new cartoon series beginning in the Linton house. Oh, the adventures those characters could have.

  6. I cant wait to see the karate videos. Your front room looks amazing and so do the princess eyes! I still laugh when I think about it.