Thursday, February 16, 2012

IL2 - Round 2 - Update 4

Oh boy here we go.

Alisa had her 7th dose this morning at 10:00. It was probably the hardest one. Her blood pressure dropped to 85/27. I figured this was pretty bad when the nurse tilted her bed and said. "you only do this as a last resort when you have to wait for pharmacy to bring up the medication". I wasn't really too nervous, the nurse didn't seem worried and had done this before. The medication worked but she was pretty sick with a low blood pressure for about an hour. She then had a fever for about an hour.

Because of her being sick, we thought she would be done with the doses (they stopped with less problems last week), well they came in at 9:00 and said Alisa would be getting her 8th dose tonight! Really! We were in shock.

I am trying to convince Alisa that if she does it tonight we might not have to do one tomorrow and she can go home, although I am not sure about that.

Anyway, last night was pretty hard (she was up much of the night sick and itching), and tonight looks like will be much of the same.

Hopefully we can come home tomorrow.



  1. I feel so bad for her, not fun at all! That blood pressure is scary. I hope she may have a better night tonight. Hopefully she can go home soon and start to feel better. She is still in our prayers every day! You guys are an inspiration to us. Love, The Coltons!

  2. Thanks for all the updates Josh. I think about Alisa everyday. Continued prayers of strength for her and your family.

  3. I only check my reader to see if you have updated! Josh: Thanks for taking the time to update us even though your super busy! Poor Alisa, I just cannot imagine what she must be feeling. It sounds like her body is SO strong considering all it's going through! Our prayers continue to be with all of you! Alisa, your AMAZING and I will continue to tell you so. Love you guys

  4. Josh,
    I think you are pretty amazing. You seem to be a constant for Alisa. It's very inspiring. We're praying for you both.

  5. Alisa,
    I dont know if you even read these but i hope you see this one. As we grew up our lives grew apart and i lost touch with you, but have thought about you often. When my mom told me you were fighting cancer you havent left my mind. You were in my thoughts this morning as i got ready for work and when i got here my mom told me about your blog. As i read it i laugh and cry and feel anger on you behalf but the post about the barefoot and fearless Alisa brought tears to my eyes because that is the girl i know and was always envious of. Do you know i have a 12 year old son who loves Bean and Bacon soup and there has never been a day that i opened one for him and not only thought about you but tell him about you to the point that i now get the " I know mom, you told me" I just want you to know that i am cheering for you and that you will be here to raise your own incredible rowdy boys becasue god needs mothers, friends,and women like you here to touch lives. sending you all my thoughts , love and stregnth. Love Jessica Clark