Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have been meaning to get an update in here. But things are a little...crazy lately.

You see, when you are at at the hospital, they do a pretty good job of knocking down your symptoms in like 2 minutes using powerful drugs that are given directly in your veins, just as soon as you have a complaint. That is pretty wonderful. And with all the anti-nausea medication, and demerol (for rigors), and scheduled ativan(for fun?) plain don't know much about what is going on (this is a good thing, because all you miss is you feeling rotten). And that is why I had Josh do the updating in the hospital.

But why I insisted he dictate a small message from me the night I got home++++ (while still under all influences of drugs) is just...funny. I wondered why Josh was smiling when I got to the 'explosive diarrhea' part. I'm sure you all appreciated that.

We are home. We are okay. Walking out of the hospital was very strange with all that weight sloshing around and my legs rubbing together and wobbling. I was very off balance. Josh has had to recover me from the bathtub from which I may have tumbled into (unhurt thanks to all the padding). I will have to take pictures next time. I have lost 10 lbs just today.

Strange to feel old in a young persons' body. To be fat in a thin one.

We put a little post-it-note on the door bell when I got home that says "Alisa is resting, please try back later." It hasn't moved. I still feel quite ill. At the least, very tired. They assure me that around Tuesday I will be very much back to normal.

So I wait until then. And try to enjoy a few rays of sun February is so uncharacteristically spilling all over my kitchen, and few of the boys jokes constantly running through the hallway. I have even had some very wonderful, long, naps, to which I have been lost in some of the very best dreams I've ever come up with. Hoping these are still the real parts of me, and not the drugs talking.:)


  1. maybe the rays of sunshine are an omen - a good omen of bright days ahead. Glad you are home Alisa. Love your words even 'explosive diarrhea paints a picture. Dreams can be a nice place to live.
    Love and prayers coming your way,
    Aunt Kathy

  2. You are a constant part of my prayers....funny how I've come to admire and love you all these years after those geometry days! I always thought you were smart and pretty (which are really the only reasons a teacher can name her child the same name as her student!) As I've seen you as a beautiful, strong woman, I am blown away by you. My Alisa sees you as one of her heroes. So do I. You and Josh and your boys will continue to be in my prayers! You can indeed do hard things. (Tell Josh I remember him fondly as well. I could have tweaked the seating chart if I'd have known :-))

  3. So glad it's you posting Alisa. So glad you're home. I hope you feel better even before Tuesday. You survived round one. You should be very proud!

  4. I'm glad you home and on the upswing. Don't worry, the magic 8 ball told your boys you would feel better today.

  5. For the record: I very much enjoyed your(josh's) last post. It made me smile when I read it when usually I'm crying while I read these. Sorry though if it was embarrassing. We hope and pray for only the best of outcomes!

  6. Mrs. Bench!!! How fun! I was in that class to but was probably memorable for the wrong reasons :) Alisa, that was a fun post to read. Bless your everlovin' heart.

  7. You are doing awesome! So proud of you for battling this awful beast. Hope you continue to get lots of rest and kill this cancer.
    ~Jodi Nelson

  8. rays of sunshine are a good omen of bright days ahead. Glad you are home Alisa.I always thought you were smart and pretty. So glad it's you posting Alisa, I hope you feel better even before Tuesday. You survived round one.
    We all Love you and think about you every day and glad your doing better. PLEASE, PLEASE LET US ALL HELP YOU!
    I want to be there by your side to hold your hand to do anything I can do your allways there for others and so this is something samll we can do for you.

    Love you lots
    The Urry's