Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update Day 3

The boys came to visit this morning, it was good to see them. I think they were happy to see their mom.

Here is James' take "it was really nice to get to see mom, but all those cords were creepy. I didn't like those"

Alisa has been feeling...sick...the doctors and nurses are happy with the results so far. It is a strange situation. They want Alisa to get sick, but they treat the symptoms so she doesn't feel as sick. They are telling us everything is going as expected

Alisa will get her 7th dose of IL2 at midnight. I think they are hoping to get at least 10 doses in this week.

She also wants me to mention that she has gained 10 pounds (water) and her skin is bright red (side effect of the drugs)



  1. Thanks for keeping us updated Josh.

  2. So glad the boys got to see Alisa. Thanks for the update. We think about you guys many times each day.

  3. Thanks for the updates, Josh..I saw Alisa'a mom out walking yesterday and didn't stop to talk to her..she looked so very deep in thought, I didn't want to bug her. You guys are in our prayers, I have talked to Brandon and he wants you to know he's praying for all of you also. Alisa still looks beatiful, amazing! And for that water weight gain..whoa, let her know that Brent gained almost 30 lbs of water immediately post TP and he was so shocked by it..they pulled one of his IV lines and and water was literally spurting out of it.....I suggested they let me poke his toes and he could "drain" that way...try to fund humor wherever you can in this..sounds sick, but that helped us to cope a lot of days.
    Thinking of you guys often through every day. Many prayers coming your way from the Epperson extended family.

  4. She has been on my mind non stop all week. SO glad she is doing what they want her to be doing. Praying always.

  5. Alisa you look amazing!! The Morreys are praying for you as well.

  6. So glad to hear things are going as expected, not fun being sick though! She has been on my mind all week, still in our prayers!

  7. she looks good. I Really want to help in what ever way you need please, please let us help