Tuesday, February 7, 2012

feeling better, even thought I don't really remember feeling worse

So, I am feeling like 95% today. Yesterday I was sick and tired (and oh, so pale. I was terrified every time I looked in the mirror). But woke up at 6:30 today ready to go. Tuesday really is the magic day I guess. The water is almost gone now, and I might try jeans tomorrow.

I am certainly coming out of a strange fog. Monday my sister came down to help, and we started to figure out how much I really don't remember about last week. I couldn't remember her at my house with her kids when I got home. I didn't remember which neighbor brought dinner over, or that anyone brought dinner at all. A friend came over and asked how my tounge was, and said that it looked so much better than when her sister saw it. What? Her sister saw it? I haven't seen her sister since. And so, as my sister spent the day with me I discovered I remember almost nothing, just like they said I wouldn't of my week at the hospital.

Josh says I was involved in all conversations, watched movies with him, commented on everything, talked to everyone who came. Made friends with the nurses. Acted very appropriately. Drowsy, yes, but he would never have guessed I would forget it. I seriously can not even remember where the bathroom in that room is. I had him tell me the plots to the movies we watched, and they were totally unfamiliar. I am a little more than creeped out.

The only thing I vaguely remember is a male nurse asking if I wanted a shower or sponge bath, to which I replied I didn't need either one. However, I just unpacked my suitcase this afternoon and pulled out 10 pairs of clean underwear, and 0 pairs of dirty underwear. Gross! Josh has strict instructions to drag me to the shower against my will. He says lots of things are going to change now that he knows how this goes down. For starters, he will be choosing the movies.

I also learned what I missed by being away from home. The boys had a piano recital and a chance to play their songs for the judges. James claims he made no mistakes (the score may prove that). And it was his Beethoven song I have loved so much! I missed Sam and Luke's baskets they made on Saturday at their games that made them so proud. I missed Sam getting up in church and bearing his testimony, and James getting up after him apparently starting off with something like, "I didn't want to get up here today, but...." I just want to be there. Which is pretty much all I'm asking out of life right now. Or somewhere at least. I don't have time to just be forgetting entire weeks.

So I am planning my next stay at the hospital. Josh ordered me a MacBook which arrived today for the purpose of sorting though our never-been-organized family pictures. I figure I am going to spend my time making cute family videos and then surprise myself with them when I come to my senses.


  1. Josh said that we don't even need to visit you this time because you wont remember anyway, but I must say that it is pretty entertaining to hear you tell the same stories every night. I kind of don't want to miss out on the fun of a drugged Alisa. Selfish, I know. As fun as it is, I'm glad you are back!

  2. You make me laugh! I especially love the part about the male nurse, and surprising yourself with videos. Funny how drugs can make us so goofy. I am glad you are feeling better! Keep it up!

  3. I love how courageous you are along with the sense of humor. You have inspired me to stop complaining and "come what may and love it". Glad I came across your blog so I don't have to ask anyone but get infor right from you. I best bring you dinner on days b4 you go to the hospital or many days after you get home lol. So you will remember how good it was. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers always. We love you guys.

  4. I can't even imagine forgetting an entire week, although there are a few in my past that I wouldn't mind forgetting. I do forget many other things though, like why I came in the office in the first place. I think there was something I came to get, but I don't remember what. So glad I read your blog instead.

    I'm sure you'll have some awesome pictures to look through next time. You're a talented photographer.

    Glad you're feeling better today!

  5. That sounds like a great idea! And honestly, Macbooks are the best! Good choice. I am glad you are having a good day. Sure think the world of you!

  6. There is a first time for everything.....I'm guessing this was the first time you've ever had a friend ask how your tongue was?

    I believe there are not too many people who can say that a friend asked "How is your tongue?" (FYI: a Slurpee is a sure cure for anything that may be wrong with tongues.)

    I am so thankful for your blog and the reminder to enjoy the little things I often take for granted.

  7. Cute! Love the video idea. And I hope Josh doesn't make you watch all of the Rocky movies! Ashkii has always wanted me to see those, so I am pretty sure that would be his choice:) Have a wonderful weekend.