Wednesday, February 15, 2012

IL2 - Round 2 - Update 3

Strangely, today has been better than the last two. Alisa has been able to get up and walk around today with getting dizzy. She has not thrown up as much, and right now she is actually feeling pretty normal.

We think she will get her 6th dose sometime tonight.

Thanks for all the prayers.



  1. Prayers continue, so glad to hear it's been a better day!! Hang in there Alisa.. Your such a TROOPER- Josh: Your such a great husband/father

  2. I really appreciate the updates knowing that you guys already have a very full plate. I spoke at a fireside on Sunday night and brought up how courageous and strong Alisa is despite all the challenges. She will stay in our prayers.

  3. Glad for a better day.
    I wanted to show my kids the video of James playing piano (to motivate them) and afterwards we stumbled upon your Disneyland video. Can't wait to see Disneyland part 3 added to the end of it.

    P.S. Congrats to James on 3rd place in the spelling bee!