Saturday, February 11, 2012

IL-2 round 2

Prepping today for another week at the hospital. James has been nervous for me, always asking how I think round 2 will be. I prayed today that we could have a good week next week and he afterwards was shocked. "Mom. A good week? With IL-2?"

I found some pictures on Josh's phone.

Inserting the PICC line (threading a catheter up to my heart). Hate this part.

Trying to control fevers I think on the second day. Ice under the arms, and cold washcloths.

Gaining weight rapidly. Do I look like I need a shower?
Josh says I went on at least a couple of walks every day. Hopefully next week he can remind me to put my hair in a pony or something before we leave the room.
Nearing the end of the week.

Thrush because I killed off all my normal bugs to keep the fungus away. I requested an orange pop cycle, the first thing I could eat in a while.

So...Il-2 is a protein that our bodies naturally make. It aids in the immune system. By giving me large doses of synthetic IL-2, we are kind of mimicking a major infection. I guess that is what it feels like a bit, a week of mastitis or something. When we have an infection, our capillaries leak out fluids so that our fighting cells can get to the bug and destroy it. This is why I gain weight, the capillaries let the fluids out. I think this is why we have to monitor my blood pressure and heart rythum so closely, because of the fluid in all the wrong places. This also messes with the electrolytes, and they hung bags of calium, potassium, magnesium, etc. to keep the blood levels stable.

James asks if I am more scared this time than last. Honestly, I'm not really scared of the treatments. I am only scared of them not working.


  1. Good luck my girl! I hope you're prayers are answered and you have a good week, or at least as good as it can be under the circumstances.

  2. Wow. That does not look like a fun week, Alisa. Somehow you still look gorgeous through all of it, though.

  3. Alisa YOU are a TOUGH GIRL!! And beautiful. Your beauty even shines through IL2.

  4. Hang in there! We're always thinking of you and praying hard!

  5. Personally, I think a shower looks kind of hard with all of those lines. I'm not saying don't, but I will say I won't be judging. And good luck tomorrow and this week. We will be praying hard for you and mostly that the il2 works.

  6. Good luck this week! You are in our prayers every day! PICC lines are no fun, I had a ton of them my last pregnancy. Almost the entire 9 months. Not fun! Hope things go well for you durning round 2

  7. Maybe you can go somewhere lovely in your mind. Always when headed to the hospital to have a baby I just wanted to go to Mexico. I think you have better more exotic places to escape to. You probably won't remember even the dreams. We will be remembering you.

  8. Thinking of you! I pray that this week will be easy on you and your family! You even look beautiful when you haven't showered. So unfair! Stay strong, your doing amazing!

  9. Dang. You are nice when you are delusional? Lucky. You can totally be rude and mean AND have a pretty darn good excuse of being that way. I guess it shows your true character. We will be praying for you, though you may not remember the feeling of love that the prayers will be sending your way.